Who are spiritual thieves and what is their purpose?

Just like physical thieves and robbers who attack and steal your belongings, spiritual robbers are demons (invisible entities) that steal your spiritual blessings.

The core purpose of all demons is to steal, kill and destroy your life (John 10:10a)

This implies that all demons are spiritual thieves.

Why is this important?

Because everything that is manifested physically in this world originates from the spiritual realm.

The demons go after your blessings in the spiritual realm and thus prevent them from ever manifesting in your physical world.

Principles of Destroying Spiritual Thieves and Robbers

  • Realzing that you have spiritual robbers in your life (You are delivered through knowledge)
  • Closing all doors that have given the spiritual robbers legal rights over your life (By renouncing sin and repenting)
  • Asking the Lord to forgive you and re-align you to your spiritual blessings
  • Speaking God’s Word, speaking life unto your life.
  • Surrendering to God.

How to know if you have spiritual thieves in your life

The following are the main symptoms of spiritual robbers in your life:

Frustration when working on important projects

Working hard for nothing

Always slaving away even if you are the best in your indstry

Joblessness and prolonged unemployment

Being underpaid for excellent work done

Delays in getting paid

Being conned of your hard-earned money

Physical robberies of your belongings

Always having empty bank accounts

Lac of promotions in your place of work even if you are the best

Empty bank accounts

Inability to provide for your family

Always expecting some financial breakthrough but never getting there.

Failure at the edge of breakthrough

Always postponing your important activities

Feeling weak and unable to work on important tasks

Feeling tired immediately you wake up, when you should be feeling strong and energized

Dreams indicating the presence of spiritual robbers in your life

Dreaming about losing anything

Wet dreams especially when you are expecting some finances/ a big breakthrough

Having sex in your dreams

All dreams of you going into a hole

Falling from a high place in a dream

Dreams of you losing your job

Dreams of you failing an interview

Dreams of you failing to write an examination

Dreams of you being unable to accomplish a very easy task

Dreams of you being replaced

Dreams of thieves stealing your money or anything from you


What do spiritual thieves come to steal?

Spiritual thieves know the important spiritual things that can help you.

They come and take these things:

  • Your spiritual blessing
  • The Word of God related to your prosperity
  • Your Faith in God
  • Your passion and willingness to pray and read God’s word

So, you’ll be left empty, drained, and desperate.

What weapons do spiritual thieves use to steal from you?


While the people slept, the enemy came and sowed tares amongst the wheat and went his way Matthew 23:25.

The enemy attacks you when you are asleep and sows seeds of failure into your spirit.

You see yourself being fired from your job, but when you wake up, you don’t even rebuke the dream.

And your fate is sealed. A few days later, you lose your job… and then you remember the dream.

Evil thoughts

We co-exist with spirit beings: angels and demons.

The work of angels and demons as regards your thoughts is to influence you.

While angels give you positive thoughts that lead you to follow God’s commandments and achieve your desired life, demons whisper discouragement and negative sentiments into your mind.

Which voice do you normally obey?

All positive thoughts come from God’s holy angels.

And the enemy sends demons to influence you with negative thoughts.

False doctrines

Some church ministers who teach doctrines of demons may influence you negatively.

Furthermore, frends and colleagues that have bad character may influence you with negative thoughts.

Bad company can ruin your though patterns and ultimately, your destiny.

Evil environments

Some environments and neighbourhoods are totally under the control of the spirits of darkness.

Growing up or living in such areas predisposes you to satanic influences.