Prayer for Christmas Celebration

Father God, we come before your throne of grace in the name of your beloved son, our Lord Jesus Christ. First, Father we thank you for all the blessings and mighty work you are doing in our mist. Second, we are so thankful for this life and those you have put in our congregation to help with promoting and expanding your work in the bay area. Father God, as we approach our Annual Christmas Celebration, we pray the following:

  1. Our church members invite all their friends, family and relatives who do have not received your son as their personal Lord and Savior.
  2. The invited people happily accept and come to our Christmas Celebration.
  3. Everyone taking part in the Christmas Celebration puts in the time and effort to prepare their hearts and minds to perform on stage.
  4. The Holy Spirit fills the hearts of our church members with the anointing, strength and encouragement they need to push the work for the Christmas Celebration forward.
  5. Our church members come to all the practice and they receive supernatural strength to learn and play their roles without any difficulty.
  6. Every Rhema Bible Church member is filled with the joy of the Lord as we get closer to our Christmas Celebration.
  7. The pastor is anointed to preach the Gospel message, pray for the sick and lead the unsaved to receive salvation. He is filled with the Holy Spirit and flows in the gifts of the Holy Spirit to minister to the people.
  8. Open the spiritual eyes of the invited guests as we witness to them through our Christmas Program. Give them a revelation of who Jesus Christ is and remove the spiritual cataracts from their eyes to see the truth.
  9. We bind every power of darkness and demonic spirits coming against our Christmas Celebration in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and render them harmless, ineffective and useless. We lose the mighty angels of God to go forth and fight every evil force which has setup itself to hinder our Christmas Celebration.
  10. Our Christmas Celebration is a big success, and many come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior through this event.

Father, we thank you once more for hearing our prayers and answering them in the holy name of Jesus. Your word says in Mark 11:24 that whatever things you desire when we pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them. Father, we have prayed, we have believed and now we receive the answer in the name of Jesus. Your word says in 1 John 5:14-15 that this is the confidence we have in God that if we ask anything according to God’s will, He hears us. Now we know that if God hears us, we have the answers to the requests we have made of Him. Father, it is your will that people receive salvation. Therefore, our prayer is in total agreement with the word of God. Father, thank you for fulfilling our requests for the Christmas Celebration. You are such an awesome and glorious God. In Jesus name, amen!

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