Prayers for Believers

Name all the believers you know before praying the following.

Father, I pray the following for all the believers I just named:

  1. They are hungry and thirsty for God.
  2. They grow in their spiritual lives.
  3. There is understanding and unity between believers. They work as a team for God’s kingdom.
  4. They work in love towards God and people.
  5. They are faithful in honoring God with their time, talent, resources and wealth.
  6. They put God first in their lives.
  7. They humble themselves when approaching God in prayer and worship.
  8. They are fired up for church service, bible study and home prayer meeting.
  9. They recognize and provide for the needs of others that you may supply their needs.
  10. They are supportive of church projects especially those which further and expand the kingdom of God on earth.
  11. They have the burning desire to share their testimonies and witness for Jesus Christ.
  12. They are in excellent health. If anyone is in pain or suffering, they receive healing through faith in Jehovah Rapha (God is my healer).
  13. The work of the enemy (devil and demonic evils) is destroyed in their lives in the name of Jesus Christ and the power of darkness is broken. They are loosed from all bondages.
  14. They are blessed in their finances especially their jobs. They have the favor of their employer and coworkers.
  15. The blood of Jesus Christ covers all of them head to toe. They have been redeemed, cleaned, justified, washed, and sanctified by the blood of Jesus Christ.
  16. The word of God is rooted deep within their hearts so that no problem, situation or circumstance can break their faith.
  17. The angels of the Lord are always encamping around them to protect, guide, help and lead them in time of need.
  18. They are led by the spirit of God as seek your face through prayer and fasting.
  19. Use them as vessels for your work to bring honor and glory to Your name and convert the non-believers into saints.
  20. They increase in spiritual wisdom and discernment as they read, study and meditate on your word, the Bible.
  21. Everything they do prospers. They are the head and not the tail.
  22. They have continual fellowship with God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ through the blessings of the Holy Spirit.
  23. They are willing and obedient to Your word so that they can eat the good of the land.

Father, I believe You have heard my petition and it is a done deal. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

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